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OMG, it's SO LONG! A TSG Short Cut

So, I've started this new thing called, Part 3 of The Stone Gryphon, Apostolic Way, and there’s no way a reasonable person could possibly figure out what has already happened in the previous 500,000 words of Part 1 and 2 and the attendants Narnia-based stories.  Is there a short cut?  The beginning of Chapter 1 to Part 3 in fact does include a brief synopsis of what has gone on before.

But, for animus_wyrmis and others who might wish to read a few more things, as I will concede that not every chapter or word is crucial, here are a few shorthand links that might allow you to get a flavor for things and/or to focus on the things that interest you.

This chapter
is a Very Important Chapter (hereinafter VIP Chapter). Really. If you read nothing else, read this one. Yes, I recognize that it’s mostly about Edmund and Peter but there is a good dollop of Lucy.  Susan is there, too, but she’s off talking with Aslan about how it totally is not her fault that Rabadash was an ass.  More to the point, it is about why and how the Narnia experience is relevant to the journeys the Friends of Narnia all undertake in Spare Oom.

Chapter 1 of Part 3 is really important to the direction of Lucy's story. Also, this chapter (Heart and Mind) tells you a lot about where Lucy is coming from, including that she was a Knight in Peter’s Order, she talks to dead people, she talks to Aslan, she was the Sword Master, and she’s got some issues with religious authority.  This chapter summarizes what Susan’s goals are for Part 3 (key word filing system).

OK, enough about backstory. Characters!  Canon characters!
If you want to read about Peter --  Here is Peter as CEO (and here), as the warrior/leader (search for Ibiza), as the Boy Who Isn’t, and as shirty King in Spare Oom.
If you want to read about Edmund -- Here he is doing spy sorts of things with Susan, soldier, Just King ( VIP Chapter above and here (keyword shirtsleeves).
Enough about the males, if you want to read about Susan -- Heh, that’s what all of TQSiT is, but, Susan as manager (search for Hell Bitch), warrior Susan (same as Peter, key word Ibiza), Susan using lockpicks, knives, guns and admiring the male form, Susan as godsend (keyword Georgetown)
And Lucy?  As it happens, Lucy (and Susan – keyword hummingbird) are both rubbish at stitching (see VIP Chapter). Lucy also was raised by wolves (key word snappish). Also, see the above links about Lucy’s story.

Wow, who are all these OCs?  Are they important, even if you kill so many of them off?)
Richard Russell is a manipulative bastard (key word truth) and scientist, was Polly’s lover and is in the hospital, and is a polygamist and wants to kill himself.
Asim bin Kalil is … err, you know, just read this, and this, and if you are really interested, this (Asim’s pov appears in the last half of the chapter).
Mary Anning Russell is one of Richard’s wives, is fascinated by drooling lizards (keyword magnificent), is very insecure and quotes Alice in Wonderland (key words cram and Alice).

Polly is here; Digory is here.

Evil Banker Morgan of the House of Linch is the person Edmund keeps trying not to think about in Chapter 1 of Part 3, even though he heard her at the End of the World (key word unguarded). She’s also in the VIP Chapter.

Aidan is Lucy’s consort; he is in the VIP Chapter and referenced here (key word Briony).

Jalur is Edmund’s surly Tiger Guard; he is in the VIP Chapter. Fooh and Beehn are Peter’s Guards and they are in the VIP Chapter too.

Other stuff
This vision of Narnia can seem pretty cracky. The otters swear (key word effing), the hummingbirds are brutes (keyword hummingbird), the beaver is a lazy sot (key word fool), and the songbirds are promiscuous (key word Willa). The staff of Cair Paravel are based upon the staff of Vorkosigan House in Bujod’s Vorkosigan series (keyword Hoberry). The Sword Master is very abusive here and here (key word Leszi).

The Pevensies’ parents are clueless, right? We don’t know about John Pevensie, but Mrs. Pevensie knows a lot more than her children think (key word boarded).

Narnia and Spare Oom are totally separate right? And not relevant at all to one another? That would be, no.
See discussion of genocide, race, and homosexuality here. Moral use of power in the previous links the Boy Who Isn’t and Peter as CEO here and here.  Death (and massive spoilers) here, here, and here. See also the VIP Chapter, and attitudes about race here and here.

You want a romance?  You can go here for Peter and his OTP; Susan and her OTP are here.

Wait a minute, she’s a Cheetah and he’s a Wolf. Does this mean that there’s incest?
Nope (key word garbled).

So they are all virgins, right? Because none of them is married?
Nope. Lucy, Susan, Edmund, and Peter.
Also, everyone is out having wild dryad tree sex except Edmund because he is allergic to tree pollen.

But shouldn’t there be lots of children then?
No, because there are reproductive specialists in Narnia who can detect female ovulation (key word certified).

The Pevensies are really depressed in Spare Oom and eventually find Aslan in the Christian Bible, right?  Not exactly.
Aslan is with Lucy (Heart and Mind), and with Eustace (key words stoat and valiant), and with Edmund (key word union), and with Susan, Richard, and Asim (key word cat) and at Russell Hall (key word traffic). 

So Susan has totally forgotten Narnia and Aslan during her time in America? No (key word Aslan)

There's a War on, too, but you know, that's in practically every chapter.

Errr, if you are wondering anything else, someone else can add it in comments or I can.


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Oct. 19th, 2010 04:53 pm (UTC)
So apart from doing high fiving on account of being able to do all these links, this post is making me want to reread the entire trilogy again.


When I have an essay due tomorrow.

*tries to resist being dragged over*
Oct. 19th, 2010 06:36 pm (UTC)
This is a brilliant guide you have come up with. Really reminds me how much amazing stuff you have in TSG.
Oct. 19th, 2010 08:36 pm (UTC)
What a cheat sheet! I can't believe you actually wrote one, but I must admit, it's very useful when I just want to go back and find certain scenes/plots that you reference in whatever the latest chapter currently is.
Oct. 19th, 2010 10:49 pm (UTC)
Aww, poor Peter ^^ Aslan isn't with him? I guess he has sort of lost his purpose in TSG1 and doesn't know what Aslan wants of him, but the first chapter of TSG3 makes me hope that he's found the right path again or at least is coming around to it?
Oct. 19th, 2010 11:11 pm (UTC)
Oh you just HAD to ask me about this. See, part 1 has mostly been Aslan beating Peter on the side of the head saying, ATTEND! And Peter really and truly thinks that toiling away as he is, to meet these academic expectations, is what he is supposed to be doing. He thinks Aslan wants him to attend to his studies, and he is, sort of. Aslan wouldn't want him to shirk his duty or disappoint his parents or the Professor, would he? He feels guilt that he has not been more attentive and guilt that he has been frittering away days with Richard. It does not occur to Peter that doing what Aslan wants and doing what makes Peter happy are in fact THE SAME THING. This is really typified in how he approaches Richard -- Aslan wants him to spend time with Richard, right? So he does. Oh, he enjoys it, to be sure, but that could not be the reason Aslan wants him to do it. Peter is, as Lucy says, incapable of a selfish act. He cannot say, I want THAT and I'm going to do it. I rattled on about this quite a bit when I was working on part 1 but it returns in full force. He is duty bound to a fault and it is a fault.

He's kinda thick sometimes.
Oct. 27th, 2010 08:43 am (UTC)
Ohhh this post makes me want to reread everything. Dammit. Need more hours in the day.

Also, everyone is out having wild dryad tree sex except Edmund because he is allergic to tree pollen.

LOLOLOL best way to put it ever.

ANYWAY. The actual reason I came over here was to tell you that you should look forward to SJA coming on American tv soon, because the "Death of the Doctor" ep was fabulous and you and RTD have some similar ideas on the sort of lives Friends of Narnia and Friends of the Doctor lead after the first adventures are done. I think you will appreciate the similiarities. :P
Oct. 27th, 2010 11:12 am (UTC)
I am so behind on Sarah Jane. I just got Season 2 on netflix, but it's in the queue behind Judgment at Nuremberg and Telford Taylor's Memoir. Io9 just had a blurb on that very issue and I thought the same thing -- how Sarah Jane, the pain of being left aside, is busy doing the Doctor's work here. http://io9.com/5673242/the-doctor-who-reunion-episode-weve-all-been-waiting-for
I don't remember the companion Jo at all, but I do want to see this story arc, because it is RTD, because it is Sara Jane and the Matt Smith Doctor, and because of its message about getting on and how one does that.
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