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Anon FF reviewer

Whynot, thanks for reading and leaving comments.  You obviously have some questions, so if you want me to answer them, you can comment over here.  A few things,

Separated at Birth -- some people think I have the timeline right, others don't.  I worry less about that sort of thing than I used to.  I wrote the story mostly because it's two female characters with a lot of baggage on a heist and I think Mara and River are great foils for one another, with River bringing some of the crazy that Mara really tries to avoid.

By Royal Decree -- I'm not quite sure what you meant.  It sounds like the tone of the story was bothering you.  If you had difficulty distinguishing the princesses, you aren't alone as Edmund hasn't bothered to tell them apart, either.  They are supposed to a broad parody, with even the line inserted in the story about "learning the business of government" being a riff on popular fic at the time.  As for the tone, it's humor and parody, not something seen much in the Narnia fandom, I guess.  It doesn't read as typical romance because I didn't start it as a typical romance -- Evil Banker Morgan was a late edition and on my Journal you could read the Great Mother's Day debate in which I was undecided about how to end the story.  That idea of it not being a typical romance is realized more fully in H&M.

Harold and Morgan -- I guess the doorstop comment in that chapter is referring to Edmund being relegated to a position inferior to bankers where he's basically anonymous and leaning against walls and doors.  It's how he's feeling.

Thank you for reading.

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Jul. 30th, 2015 10:25 am (UTC)
How's Apostolic Way coming along? :)
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